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RE: Converting Between R'G'B' and 4:2:2 (The Impossibly Blu e Sky)

>>There are colors overlooked here such as very saturated, bright reds and
>>even more saturated, bright blues. On an RGB waveform monitor, one of these
>>colors might show up as 100% red channel, 100% green channel and 160% (sic)
>>blue channel. Invalid, you say. Ah, but what a beautiful color for a sky

...and Spinal Tap has amplifiers that go to 11.

Simply put, Y,Pb,Pr color space is only a container for the valid RGB 
space. All of our display technology is RGB and constant luminance. By 
creating a signal that is 100,100,160 you are only changing the relative 
contrast of the display and/or allowing the characteristics of the 
individual monitor to clip the blue channel for you. The theoretical 
Y,Pb,Pr monitor would need the ability to suck light and color from the 
environment in order to display the full range of mathematical values 
available in that color space :).

Bob Frey

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