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RE: Converting Between R'G'B' and 4:2:2 (The Impossibly Blue Sky)

Bob Frey writes:

> Simply put, Y,Pb,Pr color space is only a container for the valid RGB 
> space. All of our display technology is RGB and constant luminance. By 
> creating a signal that is 100,100,160 you are only changing the relative 
> contrast of the display and/or allowing the characteristics of the 
> individual monitor to clip the blue channel for you. The theoretical 
> Y,Pb,Pr monitor would need the ability to suck light and color from the 
> environment in order to display the full range of mathematical values 
> available in that color space :).
	I think that you really meant: "'All of our display technology is
RGB and THEORETICALLY constant luminance.'" Please let me know if you find a
CRT-based consumer SDTV set that clips anywhere close to 100% in every
channel. Try it for yourself with a luminance meter. (or your eyeballs with
the TV set to black&white) In the high-end (big $$) short format
(commercials, music videos) world, colorists have been happily color
correcting with their amps way past "11" for years. If you don't believe
that most of those colors made it to consumer sets, then you don't watch MTV
and you have been at the 'fridge for a lot of commercial breaks.

	I believe it would huts one's eyeballs if a TV was allowed to suck
light from the environment. Thats why our amps do NOT go to -1 ;)

	Randy Reck

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