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Re: Schedulling Software

Marc-Antoine Rousseau wrote:
> I have actually went through this whole process.  I have looked at different
> softwares, talked to different people and here are the sytems that came up:
> PM1, FMS (from Zymox) and Scheduall. 

Actually, there is another system out there called Series 5000.  We use
it at
our company and from what I can see - I don't use it a heck of a lot
than checking my schedule and entering my actuals - it's very user
and flexible.  (I don't think our operations/scheduling department could
without it) The company that makes it has been around since 1977 and
been selling systems (I guess too quietly) since 1988.  Their newest
runs on Windows 98/98/NT.  You should check them out. They're called
Software. I think you can find them on the web at
Hope this helps!

Bob Johanson
Senior Colorist
DC Post

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