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(fwd) from Pär Kindéus

Maybe someone here can help Pär with this?
Remember to send the reply to his address.

Mr. Kay Sievert
Colorist, Fotokem, Burbank

On Sun, 2 Aug 1998 22:13:54 +0200, "Pär Kindéus" <kindeus at karlstad.mail.telia.com> wrote:

I am working with transfering S8, D8, 16mm, 9,5mm film to video in the middle of Sweden
and are interested in if anyone know where I can buy a Sony Telecinecorder 2100.
I don´t know how much longer the one I have lasts. It has gone day and night for many years.
If you could e-mail me about this I would be very glad.
Greetings from a rainy Sweden.
Best regards
Pär Kindéus
Karlstad Film to Video.
kindeus at karlstad.mail.telia.com

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