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RE: i/ Luma coefficients for DTV

 Park --                                                                   
 Right, on a 640 x 480 display, you can see only about 300k colors at a    
 time. Likewise, even on 1920 x 1080p, you could only see about 2 million  
 colors at a time.                                                         
 But you really do need at least the 16.8 million colors of 24 bit per     
 pixel RGB (8 bits per color) to represent everything you might want to    
 shoot in the real world.                                                  
 Consider how many words there are in the Oxford English Dictionary. I     
 think it's in the millions.   Would you really want to use all of them on 
 every page you write?  Yet they need to be there for those who do use     
 them.   It's kinda the same idea.                                         
 -- J.S.                                                                   

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