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UK help requested (DNS)

Mail to a TIG subscriber, DGSUK (dgsuk.com) is failing, as there
appears to be a DNS misconfiguration at newnet.co.uk, the service
provider for dgsuk.com.  I'm in receipt of mail from Barbara Gray at
DGSUK asking why she isn't receiving mail from the TIG, and replies to
her are failing.  Could someone in the UK do me the favor of ringing
her up (3 London Road, Farningham, Kent) and informing her she should
contact the "New Net DNS admin" at (0)7000 639 638, and advise that
there exists a DNS loop condition for dgsuk.com.  My own advice to
dns-admin at newnet.co.uk seems to be falling on deaf ears.


   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
554 MX list for dgsuk.newnet.co.uk. points back to shakti.th.newnet.co.uk
554 <mail at dgsuk.newnet.co.uk>... Local configuration error

In order that Ms. Gray doesn't receive an avalanche of calls from
well-meaning TIG'ers, I'll request that the first person who contacts
her please post a brief note here to that effect, thank you.


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