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editing with simulator


I have a small telecine riddle.

Lately, I have noticed that a large number of effects and CGI companies are
requesting field or grid charts that represent the composition changes that
are accomplished in a given telecine session.

In their perfect world, a field chart would be recorded after the original
film transfer with all of the associated composition changes reflected in
the field chart laydown, offset in timecode by an even hour.

This is a great concept if you have say 1000 or more feet of field chart
laying around. The problem is, I don't have 1000 feet of any chart.

What I would like to do is use a counter simulator mode on a single frame
of chart to run the entire list. When I have tried this, the TLC did not
cue the simulator, and when the simulator was running wild, the composition
changes did not kick in. Although the color corrections did. 

Has anyone been able to frame accurately edit in simulator mode with
tracking position changes???
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