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Domino and other systems...

Dear all,
I'm somewhat new to this list as I've only just realised that your 
discussions go beyond Telecine work and on to film scanners.

Our company is only some 8 months old but we have performed a lot of film 
resolution digital effects for some serious, and some not so serious, 

The reason I an sitting writing this is that I have just seen the comments 
on the Quantel stand at Siggraph. While I have no comment to pass on the 
level of interest at the show, except to say those that as only passing 
time would not have been interested as another stated, I do feel comments 
about Domino being 'quick and dirty' cannot be left to pass without 

Those who know me will remember I was once part of Quantel and I make no 
apology for that but stress my feelings for their kit is based purely on a 
technical and creative viewpoint. I may understand what they are trying to 
do but our company has to make money to succeed.

We have two Domino workstations and full I/O capability and I have yet to 
see a system that can match the 
quality/reliability/calibration/speed/capability of the set-up.  we do have 
Flame and various 3D systems and love them for what they do. The best tool 
for the situation as any business mind would agree.

My major problem with what has been said is with the actual quality of work 
that has been produced on non Domino systems. If you have watched Lost In 
Space as seen the varying quality of shots I guarantee that the ones that 
didn't stand out were Domino/Cineon/CFC shots as they all use closed loop 
systems or know what they are doing. The shots with Blaup stand out as 
being poor quality, looking almost like poor tape-to-film transfer shots 
and were done on systems which others have portrayed as being better than 
Domino. I therefor find comments denigrating Domino rather hard to believe.

If anyone wants to discuss the finer points of our set-up I would love to 
hear from them. Mail me direct to prevent the whole list having to listen 

At the end of the day the final image on the screen is all. If its bad, 
your bad.

Steve Shaw
Men In White Coats
Tel: +44 (0) 171 836 7888
Fax: +44 (0) 171 497 9305
Mobile: +44 (0) 370 234 897
email: steve.shaw at miwc.co.uk
3, Slingsby Place, Long Acre, London WC2E 9AB

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1998.
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