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VB: Film for DVD

Since I installed my Creative DVD in my PC a few questions have surfaced. It is apparent that the viewing is of very high perceptual quality even though the office chair opens up other issues. 
IŽd say HD perceptual quality and I know there is at least one other on this forum that supports my viewpoint.
Viewing is effectively progressive from telecine to computer monitor even though the DVD/MPEG path is interlaced. The frame to field process actually keep it progressive and should theoretically not influence the outcome, with a few possible quality considerations.
1. When mastering film for DVD is it common practice to always do a new telecine transfer or are existing, recent of the shelf transfers used? Are there different policies around?
2. Flying spot related. Theoretically it should not matter if the telecine transfer is made progressively or interlaced if the film is steady and the interlace fields are perfectly registered. But in practice is this always the case? Is registry perfect? Can the TK be switched to a progressive scan?

/mike reichel

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