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My comments on Siggraph posted a few weeks back were my own impressions of
the show and were related to the lack of innovation and passion from some of
the exhibitors, and conversely how some other exhibitors shined.
Quantel were mentioned by other people as also having a quiet booth.
Jeff Meadows, the MD of Quantel has now left the company, which is a shame
as I personally felt he was one of the good guys there. I felt Jeff was one
of Quantels biggest assets.
Quantel is a good British company and I hope they prosper.  
My point was that some British companies can be slow to react and lose out,
I was not trying to be specific about any particular product.
Here is a specific example though....
Philips has done very very well in moving quickly and bringing Spirit to the
It is a good product and they achieved what seemed the impossible in a
dominated market of Ursa Diamonds. That product was born by listening to the
market and being passionate and motivated enough to take on a very
established product. I saw this myself years back when I met the R&D team in
Germany. I was immediately impressed at how open they were to me, how much
they wanted to succeed. 
I can appreciate and respect companies that listen, react and prosper.
Nothing and no one is perfect, keeping an open mind is vital.
Just my humble opinion,

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1998.
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