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Re: VB: Film for DVD

Mikael Reichel wrote:

> 1. When mastering film for DVD is it common practice to always do a new telecine transfer or are existing, recent of the shelf transfers used? Are there different policies around?
> I wish it was common practice to do a new transfer for every DVD title, but unfortunately this is not always the case.  It's one of the reasons why the quality of DVD's varies so much.  It's also one of the main reasons why some titles are only available in pan & scan.  Big money titles from recent
> years and new titles generally do get new transfers.  Older pan & scanned titles that haven't been re-transfered will exhibit the most artifacts, since they were done on older Ranks that didn't have many of the new mods and before some of the more advanced noise reducers were introduced.  It largely
> depends on whether or not the studio wants to spend the money, but their policies definitley differ.  With the more popular titles that they can charge more for, they'll be more inclined to re-transfer.  Another thing that seems to be happening more and more are studios who release a DVD, and then
> few years later come out with a "special edition" that costs more than the original release of that title.  These are almost always new transfers.

    Phil Voss

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