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Re: VB: Film for DVD

The real killer in DVD land is that it is a 4:2:0 vertical compression scheme so any real advanage of progressive vs. interlace is gone in the compression pass. I would guess that it looks better on the PC display because of the higher refresh, not because it is a native progressive format.

This brings up the issue of broadcast DTV vertical compression. Is it 4:2:0 also? or is someone planning ahead and forcing 4:2:2 into the picture (so to speak) Is the bit rate so valuable that 4:2:0 pays off in overall picture quality and therefore we let vertical resolution slide???

Hmmm, I wonder?

Ron Martin
Universal Studios
ron at dvcc.com

Mikael Reichel wrote:

> Viewing is effectively progressive from telecine to computer monitor even though the DVD/MPEG path is interlaced. The frame to field process actually keep it progressive and should theoretically not influence the outcome, with a few possible quality considerations.

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1998.
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