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Re[2]: VB: Film for DVD

 Ron Martin wrote:                                                         
 >The real killer in DVD land is that it is a 4:2:0 vertical               
 >compression scheme so any real advanage of progressive vs.               
 >interlace is gone in the compression pass.                               
 No, 4:2:0 is a perfectly reasonable thing to do in                        
 progressive.  Progressive always inherently gives you equal horizontal    
 and vertical luminance resolution.  With 4:2:2 in                         
 progressive, you have twice as much vertical chroma                       
 resolution as horizontal chroma resolution.  4:2:0 gives you              
 equal horizontal and vertical chroma res, at half as much as              
 the luma res.  The real bugger is getting 4:2:0 stuff into                
 interlace, because interlace already threw away the vertical resolution,  
 so 4:2:0 is a double whammy.                                              
 The human eye and brain are very readily fooled by half as                
 much chroma res as luma res.  Were that not true, NTSC                    
 wouldn't have worked.  Symmetry between horizontal and                    
 vertical resolutions is generally a good thing.                           
 -- J.S.                                                                   

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