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Re: Domino and other systems...

Ken Robinson wrote:

> Steve has just written something absolutely the opposite of what I have heard
> regarding the 8 bit Domino.  I also understand that color correction with this
> system is extremely limited as well.

Apparently, in the Domino Scanner/Double4/Recorder system where we are going from
film and back to film, 8 bit dynamic resolution is sufficient to resolve film
detail without resolving too much grain (film noise). Ideally, we should be able
to scan an image, then record it back onto film and have that copy look exactly
the same. If we scan grain, then we will be recording grain on top of grain and
our chances of an exact reproduction are diminished.

In a telecine suite where we are transfering film to video, we may want to scan
the grain of the film in order to reproduce the 'film' look on video.

As far as Domino's colour correction ability, I am not an operator, so I can't

Neil Burroughs
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