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Re: editing with simulator

Bob Festa wrote:

> What I would like to do is use a counter simulator mode on a single frame of chart to run the entire list.
> When I have tried this, the TLC did not cue the simulator, and when the simulator was running wild, the
> composition changes did not kick in. Although the color corrections did.
> Has anyone been able to frame accurately edit in simulator mode with tracking position changes??

Hi Bob,

I remembered that on an MKIII with a Classic you have to run the frame simulator with the speed set to 30
fps.  At 24 fps you get a chattering effect on pan moves (composition changes); this was most noticable on
lateral pans.

However, on a Diamond with a Renaissance, composition changes lag behind their marks.  It appears to be
progressive; if you put a series of evenly spaced marks with composition changes at each position I think the
lag grows at a steady pace.  I forgot to do any lateral moves (transitions, not cuts) while I was looking at
this, instead I was playing with rotation, but I didn't see any chatter.  I also tried a variety of mix &
match setups like setting the config to 30 fps with the speed at 24 fps, but each time with the same result as

As far as driving the simulator with the TLC I had no luck either.  I tried changing the driver to a VTR
(needed a tape with T/C identical to the list) thinking that it might drive the list.  It worked, but it was
running at 30 fps (maybe the CGI folks could remedy this with Cine UnCompress).  There must be a way to make
this work, because I remember using the TLC to drive a disk recorder with virtual time code.  The problem
might be that Gary Adams made some recent changes to how the TLC and the Renaissance work together to control
the telecine, maybe he has an idea.

Tim Bond
DuArt Film & Video

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