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RE: re-siggraph

One thing I think is interesting about Quantel's on-again, off-again
presence at Siggraph (this was my 19th SIG-year) is that many of the
attendees don't really understand or appreciate what they are seeing happen
in real time.   They fully know all of the math, the theory and the
algorithms behind the FX but they somehow don't connect with the fact that
that type of processing can happen at the stroke of a pen.  Were they to
grab the stylus they would experience a freedom and sense of power few geeks
can understand.

It is really comforting to see that some people are still building masculine
hardware and that not everything has been relegated to high-latency software
routines, batch-mode rendering and devolved offline wimpy systems.

Thanks to Kodak for support in 1998.
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