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Transfer Services

Flame me for lurking on your list and not being part of the film 
industry, but I'm in need of very quick and dirty 36mm --> 3/4" transfer.

I've learned quite a bit about the transfer process over the last week or 
so and I'm finding that the services are wildly expensive. As they should 
be. However, in order to lure a particular customer, I need to find CHEAP 
service along the lines of $600 for 2-3 hrs film positive, optical to 
3/4". From what I understand, there are some inexperienced technicians 
out there with older machines that offer rock bottom prices. Quality is 
not an issue with this customer (obviously). Price, for now, is much more 

Once I find this source, we will be feeding transfer jobs in quantity. 
10-15 per month, perhaps more.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Costenbader
Electric Tours

Thanks to Dean Winger, Tarcis Verfaillie, Stephen Sutter for support in 1998.
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