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DVD for film

To all
Many thanks for your replies regarding film for DVD. Having just become a "consumer" this quality difference among releases is apparent. Most replies seem to share some of my disappointment, that financial reasons rule over the quality limitations made. It is unavoidable of course that this will happen to some extent but we are in a sense providing the rope that DVD may be hung in if the format is received "coolly" by the market. In fairness to consumers, labels on the packages simlar to the CDŽd AAA, ADD etc would be helpful.
My question versus jumpscan or digiscan was ill phrased, I do know that this no longer is a feature(?!) of the Cintels but was wondering how many of those (Jumpscans) are still in use (a lot of people I have talked to over the years praise these machines visual quality even though they require a lot of nursing) plus those machines that have been modified for alternate (higher resolutions) as it it would be tempting to re-introduce jumpscan.
Also some prototypes of new higher definition telecines have used essentially camera heads and did these not use field transfer?
The actual question is that while it is a fortunate situation with film that the existing production path for DVD actually is a transparent progressive path this only holds true if the "caption" at the telecine is truly progressive.   
/mike reichel

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