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Sad News

Many of you know Stan Dickinson... the owner of DEL that manufactures various
Test Films.  It is with great sadness that I advise that his 16 year old son
was killed tragically on Monday.  He was walking home from the train station
after completing work on the set of SPIN CITY and was hit by a tractor/trailer
truck.  Stan is to provide the funeral details and I will be happy to pass
these on to any of you that may want this info...  you may contact us direct
at email: optionspj at aol.com
phone:  (615) 327-8090   or   fax: (615-327-1326).

Stan and his family are handling this loss as best as can be expected.  I know
it would be very much appreciated to receive displays of encouragement and
support from his industry friends.

All the best, 

Thanks to Dean Winger, Tarcis Verfaillie, Stephen Sutter for support in 1998.
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