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On Aug 22, 17:38, Bill Hogan wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] comcom LOS

> Rob: Does that mean that we should not send any messages after Aug 26
> as they will be returned?  Or is there a means of redirect to some
> temporary server that would hold the messages until you get
> reconnected?  Maybe you can post a message about what we should do.

I will probably have all messages to alegria.com directed into a
secondary MX for me-- (a temporary server if you will).  Why not have
the secondary handle the mailinglist, one might ask?  Mailinglist
management on the scale of the TIG- with web/ftp archiving, spam
filtering, alternate address inclusion lists, etc. etc. is difficult
to setup on any host other than the one I'm taking down, without
several days development, anyway.  So my secondary MX would only serve
as a holding area as you suggest... I can try it...  when alegria.com
comes back up, I'll have to feed each message into the queue myself,
manually, from the alternate MX host into the main mailinglist server.
Then you have the prospect that alegria.com receives lots of mail, and
the time I will need to sift through and redirect is fairly
prohibitive (of moving into the new house, orientation, consigning
myself to a new professional position, etc.).

I have not the resources to bring up an alternate site for the TIG
that would do what needs to be done while alegria.com is down during
the move...  so, in short, the simplest solution is for TIG activity
to cease for the period from August 26th until alegria.com comes back
up around September 4th, Southwestern Bell withstanding.  Hopefully,
as mentioned, any messages to alegria.com will not fail, but will not
be propagated further until service is restored.


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