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bleach question

I am posting this to the TIG for a friend, as I have not the time to
answer her rather extensive question.  If anyone can help Rachel,
could they please contact her at the address rharms at ix.netcom.com
--or if of interest to the TIG, cc the group, but please note that
Rachel is not subscribed so will not receive your answer unless you
are sure to direct it to her address.  Thank you.


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Hi Rob,

Long time no see!! I have just spent a very informative half hour
reading various parts of your TIG web site. Thanks!!!

I have questions for you regarding the advantages/disadvantages of
doing a telecine from a 16 mm negative, vs. a low con 16 mm print,
vs. a low con skip bleach 16 mm print.

I have seen 35 mm film that was printed skip bleach and projected. I
know the basic info about how the process works, etc. but don't have
experience with how 16 mm holds up in a print and how the skip
bleaching affects one in telecine. I would imagine 16 mm has more
grain, less detail, loss of color (but can you re-saturate this in
telecine, and if so does that look good?)

I am finishing a a series of short films based on children's poetry
which will air on Sesame Street. Since each film is the vehicle for a
poem, the film look should be more like a dream reality or altered
state. The color and texture of the film should look altered. The
theory is that by using a skip bleach print I will be able to do more
with the film in telecine to get it out of an entirely realistic look.

If I had money I would probably hand color these films or do something
more drastic. Reality is this is very low budget (hence 16 mm).

I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

Hope to see you soon!!!


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