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Anti-aliasing systems

Our company is currently evaluating available solutions to correct
typical telecine aliasing problems, i.e.: jaggies/flicker on hard-line
transitions, plaids, venetian blinds, etc.  Our current telecines are
URSA 4:4:4's with DUI's.  We are considering telecine-based solutions
(Scandal, DiamondClear) and also the Digital Vision ALS board.  I would
appreciate feedback from colorists who have first-hand experience with
any or all of these systems.  We would be particularly interested in
feedback from anyone who has used Scandal or Clearview on an URSA that
does not have the full diamond package, and also from anyone who has
used the either of the telecine systems and the Digital Vision ALS.
Thanks a lot.

Michael Levy, Matchframe Video, Burbank
Mlevy at mfv.com

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