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Frame 'zero' reference problem

What should be considered as frame 'zero' or 'start' frame for a lab
reel/tape timecode ?

I think that many colorists often have the problem of "guessing" what has
been used as the initial frame to setup list counter or tape timecode.
There's so many ways of doing it's own cooking that when you receive a tape
with a given 'setup', you can guess where it come from... :-)
Editors tends to use less than shorts cuts. That's becoming a real problem
when you import edls, or when you use prorams such as edilite to conform
edits after a neg cut.
And we're not talking about a 2 or 3 frame mistake, but in some cases,as
much as 10 seconds out of the road.

So, for all of us who must grade 4 frames in the middle of nowhere, it
might be a good idea to engage a debate on a procedure that could become
the 'prefered' way of choosing a 'zero' frame.

Now guys... it's time for you to tell everybody why you put that mouse hole
at TC 01:00:20:09...
Is it a coded message for "big party at disneyland, 1 january 2009" ? ;-)
Yeah ! Meet you there !


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