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Re: Frame 'zero' reference problem

here in Montreal every lab as the same procedure for transfer film When the
client is asking for a video transfert of the reel  all the lab put about 10
sec of white leader at the begening and for the end of the reel they put 10
sec of white leader plus about 2 sec of black leader at the end so that way
just by looking at the reel you now if it is heab or tail  and for the
timecode ref. they always punch a hole 2 sec before and after the neg. As
for a start timecode if the reel is transfert at 24 f/s the time code will
be at 1:00:00:00 and if the reel is transfert at 30 f/s the timecode will be
1:30:00:00 and each reel will be offset by 1 H for commercial xfert .But for
film or series the time code is always starting at 1:00:00:00 and you add 20
min for each reel after

patrice at hybride.com

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