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Re: TIG returns

On Sep 4, 23:28, "Telecine 2 " wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] TIG returns

> Is there a list of hot new gear that will be on show at IBC.
> If you tiggers hear of anything let us all know about it.

At NAB time in February/March/April, I collect the information from
manufacturers and construct a short hit sheet for TIGers and post it
on the -announce group (and on the web).

If anyone has the wherewithal to do the same for IBC, please feel free
to send it to me, and I'll clear it for publication.  As all my
possessions, except for the servers and network hardware, are strewn
about in boxes, I have not the time nor energy to coordinate this
right now.

Reiterating a TIG maxim: sales material is not permitted on the main
TIG mailinglist; only the -announce digest can carry such material.


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