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RE: Frame 'zero' reference problem

I am the Facility Manager at Soho Images in London (that's the ad over).
About 90% of our work is neg rushes to tape.

On the same premises we have full laboratory facilities as well. The lab put
a punch hole about a foot before and after the action on each roll.

This punch hole is used as the zero mark and we record the film onto tape
with the punch hole corresponding to 01:00:00:00 (the hour digit increases
for each roll in the project).

The rest of our work is grading (either from overcut neg or tape to tape).
The neg either has a punch hole or a leader (if there is neither, then we
punch a hole ourselves somewhere before the picture starts).

We use the punch hole or the sync cross on the leader or the Picture Start
frame as the zero for the POGLE. If it is tape then it doesn't matter where
the sync is taken from as the timecode is 'stuck' to the tape and cannot

Does this help?

Jeff Booth

Thanks to Richard Cassel for support in 1998.
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