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RE: Frame 'zero' reference problem

A common convention in Australia (carried over to rushes transfer from the
same practice with cut reels) is to make the first frame of picture
xx:01:30:00.  I suppose the 90 seconds (01:30:) allows for burst, leaders,
etc without running back to the previous hour.

This makes the "2-pip" on the clock leader xx:01:28:02 in a 25fps PAL
transfer. A number which most telecine operators would recognise anywhere!

It's normal to put a clock leader on even for rushes transfers, some of
which persist in being done at 24 fps. The clock is an easy way of
identifying (after the event) the repeat field in the 24/25 sequence.

Punch holes (if used) are sometimes placed in the first "dot" or
keykode-zero-frame-reference frame, to positively identify that frame on the

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