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Re: Frame 'zero' reference problem

On 9/4/98 Christophe Lorenz wrote:

>What should be considered as frame 'zero' or 'start' frame for a lab
>reel/tape timecode ?
>I think that many colorists often have the problem of "guessing" what has
>been used as the initial frame to setup list counter or tape timecode.

When a reel is transferred with a hole punch representing a specific time
code number, write that relationship on the box or can that the film reel
is stored in, along with the frame rate. No guessing involved. Likewise if
a reframing is necessary mid-reel. If no hole punch is used, but instead a
specific keycode number, it's not much harder to write that down. The
colorist doing the final grading (not to mention the client:-), will be
much happier.


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