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VB: color temp puzzle

Tarcis asked the question;

>Why is there a difference between the colortemperature of a monitor (measured
>correctly with a dedicated color temperature meter/probe) and for example light
>on the set measured with a light colortemperature???

The actual spectral content is most likely very different. If the two probes used have different characteristics (filters) the results will be quite different when the sources tested are different. 
Color temperature will only tell you how biased the white point of a source is towards one colour, it will not tell you anything of what made up that light. I.e its spectral content.

>I measure the colortemperature with the CE 100 from Minolta,
>which is the dedicated for monitor calibration, 

Not knowing anything about this instrument I can only make a guess that this unit has been designed to respond correctly to the spectral content of the phosphors used in the monitor. Guessing again, it  possible to have less accurate (discriminating) filters if you know the spectral origin of what you are going to measure. Thats why, if you point the meter to another spectral source it will read wrong.

/mike reichel

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