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Re: color temp puzzle

In response to Mikael Reichel:

> Not knowing anything about this instrument I can only make a guess that =
> this unit has been designed to respond correctly to the spectral content =
> of the phosphors used in the monitor. Guessing again, it  possible to =
> have less accurate (discriminating) filters if you know the spectral =
> origin of what you are going to measure. Thats why, if you point the =
> meter to another spectral source it will read wrong.
> /mike reichel

So the answer then would be to use a spectroradiometer as suggested by the CIE
instead of a colortemperature meter?  Who is using this to calilbrate monitors?

See, the goal is this.  I would like a white field on the monitor, both SGI and
regular Video/RGB/NTSC to "look/feel" the same as my surrounding lightsources,
as well for example a filmscreen...

This is what Jonathan E. Hardis <jhardis at nist.gov> from CIE USA wrote:
"...if the metrology was perfect, the term "color temperature"
as commonly used does not mean "color."  Things can have the same color
temperature -- more properly called the "correlated color temperature" --
and have different color.  For CRTs, in particular, the specification is
often in terms of both degrees K (correlated color temperature) and the
extent to which the color is off of the Planckian locus..."

This is what Dr. Janos Makai <ciecb at ping.at>, CIE Technical Manager had to add:
"...As Jonathan has pointed out the same correlated colour temperature does not
mean  the same colour. For your task it is advisable to use a spectroradiometer
which  can calculate both the colour (chromaticity coordinates) and the
correlated colour temperature. This should give accurate data on your CRT and
lamp, too.

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