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Re: Re: color temp puzzle

This has also been discussed recently on the cinematography list.

The bottom line problem with color temperature is that we're trying to cram
ten pounds of scientific s**t in a five pound sack.

Color temperature only really works for things that glow because they're
like incandescent lamp filaments and the sun.  For everything else,
CRT's, we have this bogus concept of "correlated color temperature".

To really know what's going on, we do need spectrophotometers, both on the
and in the telecine bay.  Minolta used to make one, but it was too
expensive -
about $7k or $9k....  So, for all of us, the good five cent cigar is an
affordable spectrophotmeter.  There's a business opportunity for someone
makes instruments there.

-- J.S.

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