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Re: Cassandra Fore

Stewart Odell, of Video Post & Transfer in Dallas, has sent the

On Sep 10, 22:09, "Stewart H. Odell" wrote:
} Subject: Cassandra Fore

>      It is my wish that the members of the TIG who are not aware be
> notified as to the condition of  Cassandra Fore, colorist at
> Crawford in Atlanta, who suffered an aneurysm near the end of last 
> month. All the thoughts and prayers of those who know Cassandra will 
> contribute to a full and speedy recovery.

}-- End of excerpt from "Stewart H. Odell"

I've put up a message page --
http://www.alegria.com/telecine/cassandra.html -- for those who would
like to use it; Stewart, can you find a way to relay the messages,
periodically, to Cassandra and family?

--Rob Lingelbach
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