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Poynton Seminar: Understanding Color in Film, Video, and CGI

Dear TIG,

I am presenting a seminar that will be of interest to some TIG members: "Understanding Color in Film, Video, and CGI." This will cover what I call the "deep concept" of color scanning, processing, reproduction, and recording, particularly as it pertains to moving imges from one medium to another.

I will present the 1-day version of the seminar in London, England, on Monday Sept. 21 (sponsored by BKSTS, and hosted at CFC). I will present the 2-day version in Los Angeles, on Saturday and Sunday October 3 and 4, organized by Silicon Studio/LA. I will present the 1-day version in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday October 9, organized by SGI Canada.

Associated with each of these events is another seminar, "Digital Video Technology," based upon my book.

Full details are available through my "Courses & Seminars" page,



Charles Poynton 
<mailto:poynton at poynton.com> [Mac Eudora, MIME, BinHex, uu, qpv]

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