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Feature Mastering Practices

Hey gang,

It has come to my attention that some colorists (and facilities) format
master tapes different than others. So my question is: Is there a
standard? (other than personal preference), and is the following used by
all facilities?

Part 1 starts with an A frame (3/2) sequence on fld 1 at the hour
Parts 2 thru x continue the sequence from where the last part finished.
(sequence and field dominace)

So if part 1 ended on a C pulldown and split field edit (say
01:58:28.05); part 2 would begin at fld 2 with a D frame edit

In the MPEG world of DVD and soon broadcast the 3/2 sequence is really a
hot issue for editorial purposes, most online systems don't know how to
make of this.

Geez, progressive sounds better all the time!!

Ron Martin
Universal HD Telecine Center
ron at dvcc.com

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