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Re: Feature Mastering Practices

At 11:27 AM 9/15/98 -0700, Ron Martin wrote:
>...Is there a standard? 
>...Part 1 starts with an A frame (3/2) sequence on fld 1 at the hour
>Parts 2 thru x continue the sequence from where the last part finished.
>(sequence and field dominace)...

First, a clarification of your nomenclature. (I'm sure you meant what you
thought you said.) What is commonly called an "A" frame is the two field
film frame starting on field one in a sequence of four film frames
transferred at 24fps. We often turn the old term around and call it "2/3"
just to reinforce the makeup of the field sequence.

My further question is: why not start the picture on the second and
subsequent reels with exactly the timecode number that would follow the
last frame of picture on the previous reel? Any editing operation to join
the parts would only need to edit at the same timecode number as the first
field of black following the picture.

Yes, convention has us starting reels at even timecode hours but even that
"rule" has exceptions.  I have seen jobs that specify all other possible
practices for continuation of material across reels.
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