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Re: Feature Mastering Practices

David L. Tosh wrote:

>  What is commonly called an "A" frame is the two field
> film frame

Thanks for the correction, proof that fingers operate independently from the

> My further question is: why not start the picture on the second and
> subsequent reels with exactly the timecode number that would follow the
> last frame of picture on the previous reel? Any editing operation to join
> the parts would only need to edit at the same timecode number as the first
> field of black following the picture.

This would be a nice thing to do but, in most cases, it is the clients
(studios) who are set in their fomatted worlds and are very resistant to
change. At least if we all keep the practice of starting at 'A' frames and
keeping the sequence consistant throughout the project we will have covered
our tails!


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