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Re: Feature Mastering Practices

In a message dated 98-09-15 14:32:40 EDT, Ron Marin writes:

<< In the MPEG world of DVD and soon broadcast the 3/2 sequence is really a
 hot issue for editorial purposes, most online systems don't know how to
 make of this.
 Geez, progressive sounds better all the time!!  >>

Hi Ron,

The 3:2 (or 2:3) sequence in 60 fps video-from-film is a consequence of the
difference in frame rates, not the scanning method of the video system.
Unfortunately, some sort of pulldown will be required as long as film stays 24
FPS and the video is at any frame rate that is not an integer multiple of 24. 

A fast enough progressive system (e.g. 720p  at  60 fps) can be made to
accomodate a 3:2 sequence with no more trouble than at present.  In fact, a
3:2 sequence can be inserted right in consumer DTV sets, making for a
worthwhile reduction in the amount of redundant image information that has to
be transmitted.  One has to wonder, however, what the rationale is behind the
480p video systems proposed by some having a frame rate of only 30, unless
they plan on switching seamlessly (hah!) to a faster frame rate for film.
That will probably be every few minutes or so, since commercial breaks will
undoubtedly be just as big a part of the brave new DTV world as they are now.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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