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It was a very interesting IBC this year:
Cintel worked very hard apparently, CR looks quite good now and made me
forget about last NAB. It is controlled by Pogle and DaVinci, they have
simplified the color correction, gave up the windows, has vectors with
HLS isolation, not more, which is what we asked. The pictures looked
great, no shading, run stop errors no glitches. Personally I will have
a closer look at Ware and make comparisons with my Spirit.
Philips was showing the Virtual Datacine, a disk array that was getting
the pictures scanned at 2k from a Spirit, then two Platinums nertworked
exchanged Pogle files in seconds, pretty impressive, but I have my
doubts about this way of working, first disk space is never sufficient
in the real world, clients always want all their rushes transferred
even if they end up using 30 secs of it, and working disk to disk (like
tape to tape) would be a big psychological step for me when I believe
that the result on the screen is often a subtle combination of telecine
and downstream CC. Kind of industrial anti artistic way of working I am
afraid. Future will tell.
Pandora and DaVinci were both showing their Hi res CC, Pandora
basically offers what DCP and ESR have, the priority/ addition/
substraction of layers has been enhanced. Davinci's 2K offers more new
features, their plan sounds interesting, defocus board, RI still store,
colorist tool box all integrated.
First Art's Toast sounds cool too, they were not showing pictures yet,
but you can have a good idea of what some tools will be like if you
look at Anvil (Flame plug-ins). The software is quite advanced.
The best for the end: ITK presented Y Front wich is a great improvement
for the Ursa, I am not taking any risks saying it will be as popular as
Twigi, I spent a few hours demoing for ITK, their stand was packed,
everyone was stunned, not only it removes scratches but the new light
path gives splendid color rendition. ITK is saying openly they plan to
show some bits of HD at NAB, and a full HD URSA at IBC 99, maybe more.
Considering nobody knew about Y Front a few weeks ago, I bet that if
they are already talking about HD and 2K......
	I am looking forward to hear from you.

I don't work for any manufacturer, the above is only my personnal

	JC Soret

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