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Digi Beta versus D1

                      Subject:                              Time:  22:25
  OFFICE MEMO         Digi Beta versus D1                   Date:  98/09/16

Bonjour everybody,

I recently had a discussion  with a client concerning the following problem.

Project was creating video master from a 35mm low con print. Distributor's contract
demanded a D1 master tape.

I suggested to my client to do a Digi Beta transfer and work the intermediate steps
in digi beta (original sound stripping, credits inserts, dusting...) and then make a D1 dub
of the digi Beta master tape. No analog steps: Digital all the way.

The answer was no. His argument was that all steps had to be D1 from beginning to end because Digi beta meant compression therefore loss of quality.

My question to everybody: Is there a way of knowing , by examining the final  D1 tape, that digi Beta was used in the process, for maybe 2-3 generations. The answers I got so far are
inconclusive. I am being told about possible picture content induced artifacts but without
anything being said about which picture would create what artefacts.

Projects is going fine now in D1 all the way, , but I'm still puzzled.

What do you think ?

Michel Lapointe
AstralTech, Montreal.

Thanks to Tom McMahon and Microsoft for support in 1998.
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