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JC Soret wrote:
> Personally I will have
a closer look at Ware and make comparisons with my Spirit.<

Hi JC,
Well, we did already a comparison between C-reality and Spirit on last day
of the show. We were all invited to come over and have a look at Cintel's
machine. We put the same piece of film on both machines (we used Pandora's
Spirit), we looked at the performance in zoom mode, you couldn't see the
grain on C-reality, as well we couldn't feel the texture and the sharpness
which you could definetely all see and feel on the Spirit (also bare in
mind that we looked at the Spirit pictures on a Barco monitor versus a Sony
on C-reality) .  
A picture can look great  at a first shot, but once you look at it with a
reference, you may change your mind......

> clients always want all their rushes transferred
even if they end up using 30 secs of it, and working disk to disk (like
tape to tape) would be a big psychological step for me when I believe
that the result on the screen is often a subtle combination of telecine
and downstream CC.
 Kind of industrial anti artistic way of working I am
afraid. Future will tell.<

We are definitely entering a new era in the film post-production, but this
IBC, according to all customer's comments, tells us that this is the right
way to go. 
It is certainly not an industrial anti artistic way of working, what do you
mean whit this anyway? The Specter VDC gives you all the freedom and
flexibility of creating your color effects with speed and full film depth
quality, and more  tools in the future. Look at all current creative tools
in the post market, they are all disk based systems (Inferno, flame,
domino, etc....). I really don't understand what you mean with industrial
anti artistic.
Yes, Jean-Clement, future will tell, just be prepared.
best regards

Ralph Chaloub
Philips Film Imaging Products
Marketing Manager

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