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re:IBC, dislcaimers

On Sep 17, 10:58, Graham Collett wrote:

>       I started reading this with interest, but when i got to the
> bottom i was surprised to see the comments were not from an
> independent
> source.
>       Did anybody else see this comparison?
>       Graham Collett

Graham's message I'm quoting above, which refers to Ralph Chaloub's
post regarding a comparison he made at IBC between the Spirit and
C-Reality, is forwarded to the group hereby.  Already I had replied
personally to Mr. Chaloub regarding his post, which is misleading as
to intent (though perhaps unintentionally so).

I've seen a very healthy trend among TIG correspondents toward writing
a short disclaimer at the end of posts that seem to promote a
particular product --disclaimers that state the author's neutrality,
or lack of affiliation with the product.  In the Usenet technical
newsgroups, on whose models the TIG is built, these became de rigeur
years ago; in the article to which Graham refers, Mr. Chaloub does
post his company's affiliation for all to see.  Articles posted to
this group that do not contain the author's affiliation --and, if
appropriate, disclaimer of economic interest-- are not necessarily to
be taken seriously.
The question remains: did anyone else see this comparison of products?

--Rob Lingelbach
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