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FW: C-Reality post IBC

>From: Ralph Chaloub <106241.3012 at compuserve.com>

>Hi JC,
>Well, we did already a comparison between C-reality and Spirit on last day
>of the show. We were all invited to come over and have a look at Cintel's
>machine. We put the same piece of film on both machines (we used Pandora's
>Spirit), we looked at the performance in zoom mode, you couldn't see the
>grain on C-reality, as well we couldn't feel the texture and the sharpness
>which you could definetely all see and feel on the Spirit (also bare in
>mind that we looked at the Spirit pictures on a Barco monitor versus a Sony
>on C-reality) .  

Now alpha test work is finished,stage one, we will be fully online at the
end of the month to clients as the beta test's come to conclusion. I will be
working with a well known DOP honing the ranging of the telecine.
I'm quite happy to do some test transfers so they can be evaluated on the
same monitoring.
The pictures are very sharp with a depth and clarity that was obvious to
everyone at the show.
I have nothing to hide, the pictures are stunning. We could output data
frames for you if you wish.
Maybe I should post them on the  www  for everyone to see if people are
The dynamic look to the images are very filmic and the range and control of
the image is impressive.
The in built 2K/HDTV colour corrector can be very effective as it qualifies
on not just hue but also saturation and luminance. The  corrector softness
is very useful, one channel can be used as a chroma light/dark control with
a very gentle softness applied.
It's nice that there is now a choice of telecines and that people saw at IBC
the true potential of C-Reality. It's also fantastic that Cintel are open
and friendly enough to allow Phillips to evaluate C-Reality, right there at
the show, in the open with their customers around. There is an honest
enthusiasm behind C-Reality.
JC, you are welcome to come into Rushes and play on our machine once our
premier job is out of the way after the 28th September. (providing bookings
are possible).
Kind wishes

"I am not employed by Cintel or being paid to say anything."

Paul "anarchy in the UK" Grace

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