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Re: FW: C-Reality post IBC/ArriLaser

How about sticking a few 2K frames up on a web/ftp server. The Soho/UK crowd
have both systems in town and it would be easy to walk some film across the
street! Its not too scientific but I think a lot of people would be
interested in the textural differences between the diverse approaches.

The Arri Laser Recorder was looking very impressive at IBC .. 3 sec a frame
at 2K, 5 sec at 4K onto intermediate stock! Makes for an interesting 2K post
production chain with one of the 2K TK's. 

Phil Benett (X-Abekas, Ampex etc.)

>>Well, we did already a comparison between C-reality and Spirit on last day
>>of the show. We were all invited to come over and have a look at Cintel's
>>machine. We put the same piece of film on both machines (we used Pandora's

>JC, you are welcome to come into Rushes and play on our machine once our
>premier job is out of the way after the 28th September. (providing bookings
>are possible).
>Kind wishes

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