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Re: Digi Beta versus D1

Michel Lapointe wrote:
>My question to everybody: Is there a way of knowing , by examining the
>final  D1 tape, that digi Beta was used in the process, for maybe 2-3
>generations. The answers I got so far are inconclusive. I am being told
>possible picture content induced artifacts but without [ ... ]

As Charles Poynton has documented, there is a huge color information loss
when converting from 8bit R'G'B' to 8bit Y'CbCr, only 16% of the colors are

The digiBeta, being a 10 bit device, is able of representing the entire 8
bits R'G'B color space, without any loss at all.

The compression loss in the DigiBeta is negligible compared to the color
information loss in 8bit devices.

Thomas Lund

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