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Re: re:IBC

From: Ralph Chaloub <106241.3012 at compuserve.com>
It is certainly not an industrial anti artistic way of working, what do
mean whit this anyway? The Specter VDC gives you all the freedom and
flexibility of creating your color effects with speed and full film
quality, and more  tools in the future. Look at all current creative
in the post market, they are all disk based systems (Inferno, flame,
domino, etc....). I really don't understand what you mean with
anti artistic.

	Ralph, it is a big step, a great concept but purely technological, it
might be the right way to go 90% of the time but what about the
remaining 10% ? (probably the most interesting part of colorist's work
where anything can happen in a session). What about filters, masking,
neg matching all parameters that are not in the Specter VDC ? What I am
afraid of is: scanning not done the way I want. Also, I imagine things
like: can we have the negative the day before the session ? Or: where
is the film running ? Do you mean we are doing like tape to tape ? By
the way we have changed the cut slightly......
	Concerning Flame etc, they are disk based but not color correction
tools. I don't mean to put Philips down they are doing very well, it is
only logical to go this way, but is not this admitting in a way that
Spirit has always been a scanner and not a telecine ?
	I feel like the only colorist on this Forum sometimes..........

	Regards, JC 

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