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Re: Renderdrive

On 18/9/98 6:00 pm, Bob Blanks (bob_b3 at ix.netcom.com) wrote:

>A little off the subject of  Telecine, but has anyone any information on
>a company called "Advanced Rendering Technology(ART)? They introduced
>their RenderDrive product at Siggraph in August. Any info would be
>Bob Blanks
>Complete Post, Hollywood
RenderDrive is a network rendering appliance designed to produce 
extremely high quality 3D images in a fraction of the time it takes with 
standard software/general purpose processor combinations. The product is 
based on ART's custom-designed AR250 processor, which is the first 
processor specifically designed for raytracing. It's designed to be a 
platform-independent alternative to current renderfarm products. There 
are currently two models, one with four AR250s, one with sixteen. 

Bearing in mind the need not to advertise here, I don't want to say more, 
but the website address is as Rich Torpey pointed out: www.art.co.uk and 
if you want to contact anyone direct for more detailed information, I 
suggest Craig Wareham: craigw at art.co.uk.

Admission: I represent ART as a PR consultant.

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