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Ralph Chaloub, Philips Film Imaging Products Marketing Manager wrote--->
>Hi JC,
>Well, we did already a comparison between C-reality and Spirit on last day
>of the show. We were all invited to come over and have a look at Cintel's
>machine. We put the same piece of film on both machines (we used Pandora's
>Spirit), we looked at the performance in zoom mode, you couldn't see the
>grain on C-reality, as well we couldn't feel the texture and the sharpness
>which you could definetely all see and feel on the Spirit (also bare in
>mind that we looked at the Spirit pictures on a Barco monitor versus a Sony
>on C-reality) .


It is my understanding that the so called grain in these images was not
grain but rather noise.  The density areas being looked at will not show
much grain with that film stock (fine grain 5245) but grain if it is going to
be present at all would be visible in the darker tones of the images.
How does one distinguish grain from noise in a Spirit since the images
in Still mode are always from a store?  I also understand that that area of
image showed no noise (or grain) on the C-Reality.  I was at the show
standing on the sidelines close to the action when this event was happening
but didn't realize what was going on until it was all over.  My comments are
based on what I was told by those who did follow the group around from the
Cintel booth to Pandora and back.  It would be very interesting to see a
really objective side by side test of these two advanced telecines under
controlled conditions.

Standard disclaimer; I do not work for any telecine manufacturers
(although I used to years ago) and these opinions are mine alone.
Also, no one pays me to say this stuff.

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