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Re: Spirit/C-Reality Comparison at IBC

         Reply to:   Re: Spirit/C-Reality Comparison at IBC
Dave Corbitt wrote:
>It is my understanding that the so called grain in these images was not
>grain but rather noise.  
I asked our Chief Engineer, Joe Bottazzi,  to post first hand account of the comparison between the Spirit and C-Reality at IBC.  He was the only one from our company that was present at the time.  From what he told me right after seeing the comparison, most non-partisan witnesses agreed that the C-Reality seemed cleaner and had a more pleasing look.  I think Joe can go into full detail, as well as comment on the issue of whether the Spirit was showing grain detail the C-Reality couldn't resolve or was revealing a visible level of noise in the whites compared to the C-Reality.

On other issues I have to say the ITK Y-front was the most impressive piece of telecine equipment I've seen for a while.  In standard def I don't see any advantage a Spirit can have over an Ursa Diamond with Y-Front.  I couldn't see any noise in the picture at all, and the scratch concealment is as good as I've seen from a Spirit.

Also, the daVinci 2K looked awesome.  I can't wait to get it installed here.  IMHO a Y-front equipped Ursa Diamond with a 2K running it is going to be more than a match, in 525/625, for a Mega Def equipped Spirit.  
Other than using their equipment I have no affiliation with any company mentioned.  
And to JC Soret, it was good meeting you at the show, and I agree, we need more colorists opinions and observations here on the TIG.

Chris Ryan
Nice Shoes, NY

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