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C-Reality (Re)

Geoff Boyle 9/26/98 8:53 & 9:31 :

> I have NO doubts about the future of film imaging over digital.
> As an origination medium.

I'm happy your recent C-reality experience more than confirms 
the raison d'etre of film in our digital image era.
So many people have told us we are crazy to be introducing 
-now- a totally new Super16 camera!
(see A-Minima abstract below) 

> I can promise you that anyone that says S16 isn't up to HDTV 
> hasn't either been honest in their testing or hasn't done 
> a comparison with C-Reality, or Spirit for that matter.

Your CML and TIG lines will be cited in many other forums.. :)


 The A-M Super16 camera was designed to encourage film origination, 
 *the* economic way to record high definition material and
 to conserve it for the unforeseeable future in a world 
 dominated by video with its mediocre dynamic range, so-called 
 high definition and questionable shelf-life, not to mention 
 the maze of DTV & HDTV standards.

 It is meant to be the second camera on well endowed productions, 
 but also the one and only camera (it's cheap) in the hands 
 of young filmmakers, those who want to have access to 
 their 'complete works' throughout their career.

 A-Minima is light (2 lbs), noiseless (ca 26dB), and
 time recording (new AtonCode-II); it is comparable
 in size to a small camcorder.

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