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Re: Spirit/CR/s16.

Hi there.

I would like to comment on the S16/digital discussion.

We have just finished a swedish s16 feature using Spirit/Inferno/Celco
for the entire process. Stocks used range from 50 to 500 ASA. The result
is quite stunning. We have also compared parts of the material with an
optical blow-up. There is a huge difference in favour of the digital

It is our opinion that the "digital lab" will give s16 new life.
Especially now that the Arrilaser will eliminate the re-recording
bottleneck and output to 44 intermediate.

In case anyone is interested we have a number of copies of the trailer
for the film that in 2.5 minutes shows a broad spectrum of  stocks,
gradings and effects. Please e-mail me directly if interested in seeing

Also: Geoffrey Boyle wrote about his positive experiences with the
C-reality. Did not know they had a 16 gate on it yet (was not at IBC)
but it is positive that the project is now moving forward. However, as
for a "2K machine being the only right way to go for at Tv transfer"
there is something I must have missed. The CR, as far as I know, works
at 625 for Tv res. and is switched to 2K for hi-res. while the Spirit
always runs 2k. Is there something I have missed?

Best regards

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1998.
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